I never thought I would be friendly as I was never before. I used to be aloof of people. Since I was in my elementary days up until I graduated college, I would never talk unless somebody asks me a question. That’s how damn shy I was. I was bullied by one of my classmate, but would rather keep quite than complained about him to my teacher. I persevere it till I graduated in elementary. How I hated that boy -nigger, ugly as he was.

I started having crushes as early as my 3rd grade. I never knew about it -crushes- since this certain guy stalked on me. He was cute for me though, but I had never have this kind of feeling after I learned it. There was also this one guy, not cute but quite a bit smart boy during my  5th grade. Still, even those guys around me vying for my attention, I never had any close encounter with them. Just because, I was so aloof, so shy and so naïve.

On my secondary schools, I still have with me this introvert attitude. I maybe have a very low esteem, though I look physically good. Again, just like during my elementary days, there were some guys around the class vying for my attention. They would surprised me with letters in my bag upon arriving home. It would made me smile. I had one crush on this guy in the other section whose name was Marlon.  I cannot forget how he plays the guitar and his tantalizing eyes that attracted me to him.

During my college years in a big famous school in the city, there were lots of beautiful faces. My aloofness persevere, however there was one lady who sat beside me ,  whom I became close with, and  whose name I can no longer remember. I smiled when she said I was one of the most beautiful faces in the school. Despite my shyness, I joined musical group because I really love to sing. There were lots of lovely ladies and cute handsome boys, but I never had any attraction in any one of them. I  actually participated in one of the school contest, not as a contestant, but as an introductory surprised number to render song. There was the famous actor, composer , Ronnie Henares as a spectator in that event.

When I’m alone looking at the window staring afar, these episodes of my life sometimes comes to me with a smile.




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