“I believe quite strongly that there should never be a separation between God and State”.

That was indeed an amazing statement of President Duterte in his first SONA. I wish all leaders of the country realized what it means.

During the pre- election period, my prayer to the Lord about our country, is to  give us the right leader this time. In the Scripture,  God promised that He will bless the country who blessed Israel. Since we have blessed His country by accepting His Israel children during holocaust, it’s now time to ask the Lord’s return on our country’s  good  deeds to His chosen people. And I guess  this is the right time that the Philippines have a good leader, a God fearing person and who exalt God in his decision.

I was not able to listen to the first SONA of the President yesterday, but made sure to read it on the internet(which surely it would have).I was so amazed upon reading the SONA of the new President. He was not my elected president though, but was my second choice. I had standard for choosing a candidates. Before, I used my intuition and found my intuition didn’t work. It didn’t work because , it turned out not to be what I expected.

When all the candidates for presidency  laid down their platforms which I heard over the television, there’s nothing different. I see the same conservative promises of the candidate although this time it went into detailed, except for Duterte’s. However, I  seem kind of adamant to choose him because  I read some negative stories about this Davao Squad which he was a part of it in 2009. He was inconsistent in his answers when asked about it. Minsan iisipin mo, nagluluko ba or lukoluko? First, he said that he was part of it , then later denied it. I have a  lot of negative impressions on his attitude which I noticed when the  camera was  on or was he trying to imply that he is indeed a dauntless, arrogant person who does not fear anything or anybody. But, many young people were so attracted to his candidacy and many big men were very persistent , too. During his “Miting de Avance”, you can already foresee that he was the sure winner. He had a very good advertisement that would give you second thought to vote on others. In fact, he has the best in this  advertisement statement, “You are my  machinery”. I was attracted to that statement, but gave me second thought. As I mentioned he was not my first  candidate.

Indeed, in his fist SONA, you can see the drastic changes when he laid out all the plans. He, like many Filipinos has  the will to change the whole  machinery, if possible, for the good of the people which was not done in the previous government, specially the menaces of the society. What caught my surprise was his statement that , God cannot be separated from the State. This is indeed very true , if you know and believe in God.

Did God answered my prayer? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this prayer. Every Christian people  do. I’m also sure  that under his government, we can be very proud of our country and the world will look upon us as a great nation because God has also chosen us, as His country, second to Israel. If indeed, that was true, does it follows the Words of God below?

Isaiah 46:11  From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do. 


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