My FIS Experience

I started March of 2013 at FIS after a long fall from a job for 7 months. I though it might be the same as what I had in my previous job, which I loved so much- the Hotel Industry. I used to be a Billing Supervisor in a hotel for 11 years. I never loved accounting when I was a student, however after my experienced with the accounting department, I can’t imagined that I would love to see numbers and explore the used of Microsoft Excel.

I was thinking that when we say Finance, it always deals with numbers. However, working in FIS as a finance BPO, is not at all, all numbers. FIS handles banks such as bill pay, online banking, credit cards and checks and much more about banks. So, it is more of bank transactions.

In BPO, the talent acquisition department or HR specialists are the one who will place you in an account that would match your qualifications. Therefore, they placed me first with online Bill Pay(since it’s billing as my hotel experienced).

Online Bill Pay is a little bit complicated. There was so much information to learn. I thought I could not make it. But, thanks to God (my victory), He uses people, events for you to become victorious even to the point that you become weak. God says, “In your weakness, He is your strength”.

I could hardly make it up at bill pay. I failed the additional skills 3 times, but still I am here. In other companies, you will never get to the second chance. Here at FIS, I had my 3rd chance. Wow! that’s how my God works. Amazing!

I was transferred to a much easier and comfortable accounts such as Online Banking Password Reset. It was the easiest call center account I ever had. As they say, “You can do the job even with your eyes closed”.

I love my CeB family, from my Supervisor to my team mates and colleagues.

I am now on my 4th year at FIS, I could say, the best ever call center experience I ever had.