I was inspired to write this as a gratitude to my Lord , Jesus, my God and to show the whole world, how He comforted my life. Jesus is not only my comforter, but that is the one thing that I can describe how He is in my life. He too, is  my provider, protector, defender, healer, redeemer and deliverer. If only people search for God, they will come to know Him and will see for themselves the veracity of my claims.

I remember how many times He tried to introduce Himself to me, but my ear was deaf and continue to do my way of worldly life.  I never gave a damn to these people who were very persistent and running after me, just to introduce Jesus to me. However,  God bring me to a situation when I, myself had voluntarily looked for Him.

I started to question about life, about God, about me. What is the reason for our existence? Why things happen? What is my purpose? Have these questions come into your mind? Perhaps, some people do not care about it and some others would be much have  deeper meaning of life for  them. I’m one of the latter.

You know how hard for some people to look for a job, spending a lot of money and time. I saw some families that cannot even rear their children to school. At a young age, the children are already engaged in child labor. There are some children who would work for their families because the parents are not capable of rearing them. It is so appalling to see this kind of situation. I would cry of pity to these children who are experiencing this kind of situation.

I said my God is my comforter. Among my siblings, I was the only one who graduated college with my parents support. One of my sister graduated half with her effort, She was a semi scholar in one of the government school in Manila. My other sisters only took vocational course because my parents cannot afford to bring us all to a university or college. Not even my younger brothers who were forced to stop schooling. I had my first job spending few months in a shirt factory and in a law office. I also had the chance to take education units which could make me eligible for a teacher profession.

I had my first loved job. I said “loved job”, because it was the job of my dream-to work in a hotel or consulate. I want to work where I can deal with  different nationalities and hotel industry is one job that would give me this opportunity. I got this job in a hotel without much ado.

I wasn’t expecting a child since I have problem with my uterus. This was one of the surprise of God to me. When I got pregnant with my child, I was on cesarean operation. The amazing thing that happened to me was, I was accepted to this hospital -Fabella Maternity Hospital. This is a free service hospital to all mothers who cannot afford to pay for the children’s birth, specially cesarean operation which cost you a lot of money. You know the policy here, you cannot have their service if one time or another you have come to them for prenatal check up. I have not come to this hospital, not even once because of the distant. I need to be operated because my son was on a traverse lie position. Voila, God was really good to me! I was indeed accepted for cesarean operation in this hospital. The only meant of payment was to have a blood donor. Amazingly, there was right away a person who gave his blood donation for me.

One day after a month of giving birth and I was still on Maternity Leave, I received some kind of money which was not due for me. We received service charge from the hotel each month. I was on maternity leave for a month already. The policy is to receive each employee Service Charge, but must be present for the whole month.  I had my maternity leave started the first week of November, so I’m not supposed to receive Service Charge for the month of November. I was surprised when I received P9,000 on  my atm. I informed the accounting about it, but said it’s not a mistake. There it was, I have some money to spend for my son’s baptism and spend some for the household needs. That was so amazing for me.

During the time of my mother’s death, nobody has a job among us in the family. However, every expenses was paid: burial, helpers, electricity and water bill which were huge because it was a  week wake. The amazing things was that, it was a period of more than 3 months that nobody among us had a job, but we had food to eat. That was really fantastic work of God to us.

One time, I and my son was invited to a birthday celebration in a hotel, there was a heavy traffic along the road because of unexpected event. Many passengers were running to and fro to get a public vehicle to lift them up. I saw the long line of passengers. I was kind of worried, too because it was already late for us(I and my son). To my surprise, there was one private car who stopped in front of us and was inviting for passengers going to MOA. We immediately took the first seat and we were dropped in front of the hotel and which we only paid P20. God was awesome! I had only P300 in my wallet and I was to go to work after the event, while my son goes home. Before we went apart, I got money in my hand which was more than we can spend for a week. I got really, an awesome God.

Heavy rains gave to a floody roads on my way to work one time, last year. I plead to God not to have my feet touch the flood. Amazingly, it happened. Many passengers, again running to and fro to get a public vehicle to pick them up, but there was very very few vehicles passing by. Luckily, I got one -a pedicab that brought me to Magallanes from where I was. My feet did not touch the flood. God is really amazing! This did not happened only once , but twice already.

I have so many stories to tell about how God comforted my life everyday, everyway. My amazing God in Jesus name.  A mighty God who is with me in times of trouble and in needs. So, I’m giving back all the Glory, Majesty, Power, Honor  and Authority to  my Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.

What about you? Wouldn’t you come to Jesus now and make Him your Lord and Savior and experienced amazing things in your life