Worshipping God

This morning , our Bible Study was about how David danced and leaped to the sound of shouts and trumpets in worshipping and praising the Lord as the Ark enters the city of David. When Mical saw this- daughter of Saul who was his first wife, she felt humiliated and despised David for what he did. You know what, Mical did not bore any child until her death.

I was in awe as I listened,  because it was the last part that I read the other day about David’s life. I always asked God what He wants me to share to people…. I said to myself, this is it. So, I’m sharing it to  you.

If you know the nature of God, you would really love to dance and shout and sing joyfully to the Lord. Despite lowest times in our life, we should always feel joyful and honor our Lord for His Graces, Love and Blessings that we always receive. Give your best to our God: fruits of your labor, talents, etc.

What more if He answers your prayer, you will cry with tears of joy or shout to the world for what God has done to you. Perhaps, you will also dance with all your might before the Lord for thanking Him.

Jesus said, ” Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your might”.

A Song for my Savior

He is the Lord, the Holy God of Mount Zion
I come to praise You and worship You
You are my God, Immortal Living Holy God
The one and only true God, who is praise forevermore!

I come to praise You , I come to worship You
I come to extol Your name and lift my hand up high to YOU
My heart will praise You forevermore
My heart longs to see You and be with You

You are the God, the Holy God of Israel
I come to praise You and worship You
You are the shield around me and my victory
You’re God my Creator, I’m yours forevermore

You are Lord Jesus, son of Abba Father
From You comes salvation, I lift my hand up high to YOU
You are my Healer, You’re my protector.
You’re my Redeemer, You are my Lord.

Jesus, the name above all name, higher than anything, higher than everything. I’ll praise Your name forever, I’ll praise Your name forever…Allelujah, Jesus…Allelujah Jesus.