Can Mary be Important than the Apostles?

I came across about a news on Pope Frances speech on world youth day to the Brazilian journalist and said that Mary is more important than the apostles.
My reaction is,”.WHAT??? She was a mother to Jesus in human flesh, however, God does not have a mother…He is a standalone , Mighty God. 
How can the apostles be lowered than Mary, when the apostles had done great works for the ministry of Jesus. They not only suffered emotional , but physical pain as well as humiliation. Mary as a mother although suffered emotional pain, but had not done too much  for the works of the ministry of Jesus. Why some people put so much emphasize on the importance of Mary, as if Mary is god. Some also consider her a spouse of god or a mother of god.Why would then Jesus called Mary, woman and not mother? Some people say, Jesus was being rude to Mary. Mary, on the first place knew that she will bore the son of God, which is God Himself. Mary, herself being, humbled, recognized her sins and needed a Savior. 
Our God does not have a mother nor a spouse. making Mary as a spouse of God is blasphemy. Mary was only used , for Jesus to be borne as human flesh and  Mary was the one chosen by God to be the woman used for Jesus to come in the human flesh. No one is above the Almighty God and Jesus is the radiance of the glory of almighty father God. Jesus and Almighty Father is same and one.