There have been so many confusions about the prophetic message of God for the end times and many people, even Christians are prone to this confusion brought by the demonic thoughts to those people used by him to prophesy End Times.

According to Ecclesiastes 1:9 there is nothing new under the sun. So, everything that is happening is the same as in the past. Remember during the Sodom and Gomorrah-wherein there is so much homosexuality, and in Noah’s time wickedness, walked the land. Today, both from the time of Lot and Noah same thing is happening. So, therefore, God would not allow not to give warning to His children, that time is running out. However, only people who seek God has been revealed of this. things. Though Jesus said, that no one knows, not even the Father of His coming back to save His saints(His follower or those who seek God fervently) . However, He also said that we are not the children of darkness, but of children of light (those who have accepted and follow Jesus)

So, sabi ng iba, nasan na si Christo,kasi napakatagal ng panahon mula ng sinasabing nasa End Times na tayo and He is coming very very soon. Actually, ang pagdating ni Jesus sa mundo was already the start of the end times. signs may have been unfolding. However, some Christians are still complacent about what’s going on globally. They still do the things they want to do and don’t want to take heed of the warning of God. Satan has attempted to confuse prophecies of the last days, because He knows of the huge importance of the last days to the people of the earth. He knows that his time is short and the people will even be more prone to that confusion due to the strong influence of demonic possess people being used by Satan to make good an evil one.

Matthew 24:32-34

I will say this in our vernacular language for a better understanding. Nalalapit na ang kanyang pagbabalik . I wish we could all be ready before it will be late. When rapture comes-pagakyat sa langit ng mga patay at buhay na tao na nasa panginoon. maiiwan ang mga taong hindi nakinig sa kanyang mga salita, naging matigas ang ulo dahil mas ninais pang maranasan ang mga makamundong bagay na nagpapasaya sa kanila – pamilya, relasyon, negosyo, karera, atbp., maiiwan silang iiyak at dun lang nila marealized na tutuo ang sinabi ng mga naghahayag ng Salita ng Panginoon. He will come as a thief no one knows, but the father, but since we are children of light , which is god and not of darkness which is the evil-king of this world. Marami ng babala sa pamamagitan ng mga kaibigan, sa telebisyon, radio, ang aklat na hindi pinapansin-biblia.

May mga Kristiyanong ayaw ihayag ang mga bagay na ito sa iba sapagkat lubhang napakahirap intindihin, subalit kailangan bigyan ng babala ang mga tao .We can sense things going on around as was prophesied in the bible. Sa mga hindi humahanap sa Panginoon at binabalewala ang pagbabahagi ng mga tao sa kanila tungkol sa pagdating ng panginoon. Just like in the times of Lot and Noah, when all things seems quiet or normal, He will come. However, signs have been revealed to those who seek Him.And, I am sharing all these things to you.

Nalulungkot po talaga ako para sa aking mga kaibigan, kasamahan, kamaganak, kapitbahay at sa lahat ng tao na mangmang sa bagay na to or nagbubulagbulagan or nagbibingibingihan sa mga bagay na nauukol dito.

Sa panahon natin ngayon ,tinatanggap natin ang gawain ng mundo. Bakit tayo matatakot na ihayag ang kasalanan ng mundo: abortionist, LGBTQ or homosexuality, liberals, Socialists, corrupt liberal media, Hollywood elite, Muslims, Satanists, or other religions.

Churches and even people of God (Jew and Gentile) have simply accepted the world’s way and have become lukewarm in teaching the truth about sin? Why fear offending… abortionists, LGBTQ homosexuality, Liberals, Socialists, corrupt Liberal Media (which deceives or denies publishing or speaking truth), so-called Hollywood elites, Muslims, even Satanists or other religions? Why not be afraid to walk in the FEAR of offending God instead? We as Judeo-Christian believers in Yeshua (Jesus) are ALL called to preach the truth in love and in doing so bring godless to repentance and to the knowledge of the Lord’s mercy of Eternal Salvation! We are surrounded by dead, luke-warm churches and confronted with lifeless disorder just as the Word of God warned us it would be in the Last Days (Revelation 1-3).

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