A lot of people does not know what’s going on in the unseen world. Did it not Paul said to the Ephesians, that we wrestle against principalities on the high places in the heavenly realm?Jesus said, we have to gird our loins against the dark forces. Sin, is one source of demonic entry in our life. Generational curse and any accursed objects you possess is giving way for demonic entries in your life.

Once the forces of evil has legality on your life due to those mentioned above, they can destroy you by giving sickness, adversities which causes delays and unfulfilled dreams, and can even kill you.

Demonic spirits of Envy, Anger, Gossips, Unforgiveness, Debauchery, Self Righteous, Fornication, Immorality, Idolatry, Lues, Deception, pride, lasciviousness, jealousy , slandering, false testimony, badmouth, etc, and every negative action and characters of man are imprisoning them in the spiritual world.

On the other hand, the warrior angels cannot be of help, unless, someone prays for you, or you yourself repent and have a change of heart. There’s always battle. However, if you are a prayerful person, demonic spirits cannot touch you, because, warring angels will always be ready to fight for you and the holy spirit which is your fire is empowered that workers of Satan cannot come near you.

Jesus said , that we should keep our lamp burning, which is the Holy Spirit . If your fire is burning bright, no demonic spirit can touch you.

Paul said, do not conform to the pattern of this world. Conforming to the pattern of this world will make way for the dark forces to have legality to enter into your life.

What are the pattern of this world? Look at the world today, from music, fashion, technologies, ideas. Perhaps, because I was born yesterday, I know the very big difference. It maybe said, that nothing is new under the sun, but its getting worst. Did not Jesus said, that love will grow cold and be lovers of self. This was so because of disobeying the words of God, that result as to be foolish in our actions.

Brothers and sisters, have a prayerful and commune with our God, so He can show you the mystery of the unseen world,which is life and death. Did He not said in Jeremiah, “Seek me with all your heart and I will show you things that you have never known”.

Those things, I have come to know because, I search God with all my heart

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