THE JEALOUSY OF GOD- idolaters listen!
IDOLATERS – people who worship other gods or things other than the true God.The other gods refers to CREATIONS. Who and what are the creations of God-man, trees, sun, stars, planets, moon, fish, water, birds.
Anything where you focus your attention such as the self, relationship, business, career. It is where you spend most of your thoughts, your effort, your time.

People created God in their concept, that He is so loving and merciful. Yes, He is, to those who follow Him in righteousness. Yes, He loves the whole world so much that, He gave His only begotten son to show the world of hope and His divine love, that many people don’t understand. But man forget that God, is also a GOD of JUSTICE . That His justice must be satisfied. God is a divine lover, and His eyes is for His bride- a spotless lover. He loves them with a passion, that He is intolerant of any unfaithfulness. He gets angry, when He is jealous, when His beloved allows any other lover, or any other interests.

People say, God is in control. Yes He is, for He is a sovereign God . However, He is in control, if your heart is right with the Lord.

God demands your exclusive devotion to Him, not a request, but He demands it.
God does not love anything of the world, and if anyman loves anything of the world(which most people do), the love of the Father is not in Him. God is our lover , that we must not turn to man. He is our provider, however people turned to fret, worry, when things doesn’t come up to what they expect. However, we must trust Him, abide in Him. And, because of stubbornness, He visits inequities of their children up to the 4th generation-generational curse.

If you rejoice in the Lord, then He shall rejoice over you. Trust, which is the highest form of affection. If you say, you love somebody, there should be trust. If trust is absent, there is no basis for true love. If you say, you love God, you have to trust Him. It’s the holy and highest form of worship. We serve the idols of worry and fret, because you are not persuaded, that He’s gonna keep us, and He’s involved in our life.

Commit yourselves to the Lord. Do not fret and worry about things of this world. Just relax in His arms with TRUST, and He will do the work for you.

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